An Introduction to Various Types of Indian Visas – Indian Visa Photos

An Introduction to Various Types of Indian Visas – Indian Visa Photos

All foreigners, excluding those from neighbouring Nepal and Bhutan, need visa to visit India. The visas can be applied online. See tips/guidelines for completing an online form here.  Indian Government has also outsourced the task of processing the visas to private agencies in most countries.


Different types of visas are issued depending on the category of visit, such as the following:

  • Tourist Visa: Tourist visas are issued maximum for six months to foreigners visiting India for recreation, sightseeing or to meet friends. The renewal of the visa needs Home Ministry’s approval and should be requested well in advance.
  • X-Visa: X-Visas are issued to all those foreign visitors who do not fall into any of the regular categories, such as Foreign nationals of Indian origin, Spouses and children of foreigners of Indian origin or descent,  Spouses and dependent children of a foreigners coming to India on any other long term visa, such as employment or business.  The X-Visa holders are not allowed to work in India. However, they can continue to stay in India by extending the visa every six months.
  • Employment Visa: It is issued to foreigners working in India for an organization registered in India upon producing the proof of employment. They should be earning minimum $25,000 per year with certain exceptions.
  • Student Visa: This type of visa is issued to the foreigners pursuing studies at officially recognized institutions in India upon providing the proof of admission/registration. These visas are issued for a period up to 5 years depending on the course duration and can be extended, if needed.
  • Business Visa: Business visas are issued to those foreigners who want to conduct business or to explore business opportunities in India. They need to produce documentary proof about the authenticity, nature, places, duration and other details concerning such business activities. This visa is valid for six months or more with multiple entries. Ten years’ visa is granted to those wanting to start joint ventures in India.
  • Conference Visa: It is issued for the purpose of attending government sponsored conferences in India.
  • Journalist Visa: It is issued to foreign journalists/photographers on media assignments in India. It is difficult to obtain because of Indian government’s sensitivity to unsavory media exposure.
  • Research Visa: Professors and scholars visiting India for research purpose are issued this type of visa with the approval from Education and Human Resources departments. It is time-consuming and not easy to obtain.
  • Medical Visa: This visa is issued to patients who want to undergo specialized treatments like neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, organ transplants etc. at specialist medical centres in India. Maximum two people are allowed to accompany the patient.
  • Transit Visa: Transit visa is issued to transient passengers holding confirmed airline ticket for onward journey allowing them to stay in India for not more than 72 hours.



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