Travelling around India need to be Street Smart | India Visa Photos

Travelling around India need to be Street Smart | India Visa Photos

As it is said that every coin has two sides one bright and the other dark. This is so very true for Indians, they are known for their warmth and hospitality world over, but there are also people who do not believe in this. It is therefore far more important for you to become street smart. Just be a little cautious and aware of your surroundings when travelling in India.

Being street smart ensures your safety and protects you from being cheated by crooks. Foreign tourists are their easy targets. Because these tourists are at a foreign land and also have money to spend. It is highly recommended that when in India be aware of thugs and crooks.

The moment you would step out of the airport there would be a mob of cab drivers offering services but make sure that either you call for a pick-up service directly from your hotel or book a cab from the pre-paid booths. They are far more secure than the others. The pre-paid taxi service maintains the records of the passenger, destination and the driver. In case of a mishappening the cops can catch the driver. These drivers cannot charge more because the distance is mentioned in the slip.

Do not get bullied by people offering to help you in finding a hotel. They take tourists to cheap hotels but charge a hefty amount as their commission is involved. It is better to take a GPS device that will give you directions and distance of the pre-booked hotel.

While commuting within the cities bargain is the key. If the auto-rickshaw or small vendors of flea markets find a foreign tourist then they shoot up the prices 10 times. Just bargain to the last drop, believe me they will sell the goods at a much cheaper price. The meters on the rickshaws do not work properly and will show up a large amount even for a small distance of travel so if possible get a rate list from the government site and bargain accordingly.

Beware of the guides or touts who offer to take you for shopping. Like traditional rugs, sarees, jewellery, etc. Its better you buy such stuff from government emporiums. The goods at the emporium will be authentic and at a genuine price. Indian are very friendly but make sure that you do not take food items offered by strangers as there have been cases where people were robbed or rapped after falling unconscious.

You need to be Street smart when in India. It is the key to a holiday’s full of fun and enjoyment. So hurry up explores this culturally rich country with an Indian Visa.


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