Spiritual Retreats of India – Indian Visa Photos

Spiritual Retreats of India – Indian Visa Photos

Go to India for cleansing your mind and soul from the negative energies that surround. This spiritually enchanting country would help to find your inner peace and rejuvenates you. Yoga is practiced here from almost 5000 years; it is the best mode of attaining harmony. Yoga when practiced along with Ayurveda is the best way towards rejuvenation and de-stressing. Are you planning to visit India, than go for a spiritual holiday? It will improve your intellect, teach you to maintain a balance between health and mind. Meditation is a great way to get control over our ever wondering and volatile mind.


Spiritual retreat imparts positive energies in your mind, body and soul. There are many ashrams in India that offer Yoga or meditation classes. Just make sure that you join the class that best suits your requirements.



There are some traditional Yoga schools like:


Yoga Centre Location
1.      Ramamani Iyengar memorial Yoga Institute Pune
2.       Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram Chennai
3.       Ashtanga Institute Mysore
4.       Bihar School of Yoga Munger
5.       Parmarth Niketan Rishikesh
6.       Yoga Institute, Mumbai Mumbai
7.       Sivandana Vedanta Centre Trivandrum & Rishikesh


The centers offer courses that lasted for a month and so. Yoga has crossed oceans and is being practiced in many countries worldwide. It has attained so much acclaim and has so many followers that an International Yoga Day i.e. 21st June is celebrated across the nations. There are other spiritual retreats like the Buddhist monasteries where the Lama’s do their meditation.


Kerala is the best place for a spiritual retreat. It is the most sought out destination among foreign and domestic tourist. It has tea plantations, picturesque beaches, amazing backwaters, serene views and a medicinally rich cuisine. Kerala enlightens your mind, body and soul. The vast extent of the state has different topographies making it a lovely tourist destination.


If you wish to be at bay from the worldly noise then go for a Vipassana meditation. It is a Buddhist technique of meditation where the disciples are at complete silence with no access to phones, books, music, talk, etc.  You would need to follow the workshop of 10 days of complete silence it is referred to as Nobel peace.


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