Pan Card ID Photos

How to take an acceptable Indian Pan Card ID photo?

India Visa Photos offers the perfect Indian PAN CARD ID photos for individuals and groups. The best way to ensure that you receive your India visa photos quickly is to take photos exactly as per the regulations of the Goverment of India.

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Indian Pan ID Photos – Size, Specifications & Requirements

  • Your camera must be at least 3 mega pixels.
  • Click photo against a cream or grey wall or background.
  • The photo must be in colour. Black and white photos are not acceptable.
  • The distance between camera and you should ideally be 2 meters.
  • Hold the camera vertically.
35mm (2)

Getting your subject in the frame

  • Ensure your face is visible and occupies 60-70% of frame. We will crop it to make it the perfect photo.
  • Make sure the shoulders are visible.
  • You ensure that you smile but don’t overdo it.
  • Ensure space above head to enable us crop the photo to the right size.

Some do’s and don’ts

  • Avoid wearing clothes that are red or green.
  • Don’t smile, frown or close your eyes.
  • Don’t look up, down or sideways.
  • Don’t wear your glasses. If you have to, avoid reflections or frames over the eyes.
  • Don’t wear dark glasses, caps or hats.
  • Turn off overhead lighting.
  • Avoid bright lights, shadows and red eye.
  • Turn off red eye in your camera flash.
  • You may wear religious head wear but it must not cover the face.
  • Keep hair away from the eyes.
  • Keep a relaxed face with both eyes open and visible.
  • Look directly ahead into the camera.
  • Let the background be white.

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