Must Visit Places for your Indian Vacation

Must Visit Places for your Indian Vacation

India is a land of hill stations, temples, festivals, heritage sites, wildlife, etc. Its diverse landform and beliefs makes it a tourist paradise. This vibrant and colorful country has so much to offer that people can spend lives exploring it. India has been witness to many conquests by foreign rulers but its values and faiths engulf the new customs and make it a part of itself. People from all religions co-exist here and is free to preach faiths of their choice.


Foreign tourist visiting the country can feel the care and hospitality that is offered by local people. Tourists planning an Indian holiday must prepare the following:

  • Apply for the Indian VISA
  • Indian VISA photo is a must have
  • Get a travel insurance
  • And many more


But the most important point is to know what kind of a holiday you are looking for. India has so much to offer that you might end up getting confused as to where to go and where not. It is very important to plan your holiday in advance.

The type of holidays can be:

The all time favorites among foreign tourists has been places like Taj Mahal, Rishikesh, Khajurao Temple, Golden Temple, Goa, Kerala, Fatehpur Sikri, Hampi, Fort of Agra, Sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Meenakshi temple, etc. People of India are friendly and warm. They have utmost respect for their country and guests are treated as God’s. Their hospitality is famous all over the world. Many of the luxury hotels offer world class services and lavish ambiance. The food is mouth watering and tasty. India is rich in its culinary and tourist can get a variety of cuisines to try like Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Italian, etc.


It is better for the tourist to understand that India is a big country and a lot of time is consumed travelling. So try and plan a holiday keeping in mind the days you have and the part of the country you wish to visit like North, South, Central, East or West. Also consider the weather conditions prevalent in the area at the time. It is not advised to visit North India in summers, or East in Rainy season.


Plan an Indian vacation that you cherish for many years to come. A properly planned vacation will rejuvenate you and your family.


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