Khajuraho – Unique Sculptures and the Architecture of Khajuraho Temples– Indian Visa Photos

Khajuraho – Unique Sculptures and the Architecture of Khajuraho Temples– Indian Visa Photos

Khajuraho is located on the banks of a small tributary of Ken River, in the plains of India’s central province Madhya Pradesh. The place is known for its clusters of millennium old temples featuring some of world’s finest and unique sculptures. The magnificent Vindhya mountains range provides a beautiful backdrop to these temple complexes.


The Khajuraho temples were built by the Chandella dyasty during their heyday between 950 and 1050 AD. Out of the original 85 temples only about 20 remain extant. These have been divided into three distinct complexes, belonging to Hinduism and Jainism. Of the three complexes the western one is the largest and the best known.


The walls, the pillars and the ceilings of these temples are carved with exquisite sculptures that celebrate love, life and joy. Only a few of them depict outright eroticism, but the rest provide a glimpse into life of ordinary folk of contemporary period. Khajuraho has now been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


How to reach Khajuraho?


The Khajuraho airport, located 5 km from the city, provides it air connectivity to major Indian cities through daily flights operated by some domestic airlines.


The Khajuraho railway station connects the town to major Indian cities. Jhansi is a major railway junction located at about 180 km from Khajuraho, from where bus and tourist taxi services are available to Khajuraho.


Direct buses are also available to Khajuraho from several cities like Agra, Varanasi, Allahabad, Bhopal etc.


Major Tourist Attractions at Khajuraho


Out of the 20 some temples of Khajuraho, the following are the most notable ones:


Lakshmana Temple – Built in the 10th century AD, this temple in the Western complex is the oldest and one of the best preserved one in Khajuraho. It is dedicated to Hindu God, Lord Vishnu. A statue of Sun God adorns the gate of this temple.


Kandariya Mahadeo Temple This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is built of fine stone. The 102 feet high temple is a great tourist attraction because of the amazing sculptures on its walls, pillars and the ceiling.


Lakshmi and Varaha Temple This temple in the western complex, is the most beautiful one and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It has a 9 feet tall limestone statue of Varaha the boar, which an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


Parsvanath Temple It is the largest one in the Eastern complex and is one of the few Jain temples in the aea. It is dedicated to Adinath, the first Tirthankara of the Jains. The outer walls of this temple are decorated with the images of sea nymphs, lions, elephants and several Hindu gods despite it being a Jain temple.


Other Attractions for an European Travelers at Khajuraho


Besides the exotic temples, Khajuraho has several other places of interest for those foreign and Indian visitors who love nature and wildlife, such as:


Panna National Park, located 25km from Khajuraho, is a sanctuary of exotic wildlife replete with waterfalls and natural beauty.


Rane Falls is another tourist attraction 20 km from Khajuraho. Here the Ken River plunges down into a 30 metres deep canyon.


The Cuisine and the Places to Eat at Khajuraho


All types of local cuisine, desserts, sweets, and spicy delicacies such as cashew burfi, lentils pudding, sabudana ki kichdi etc. are worth tasting here.


A rooftop café, called the Mediterranean Restaurant, serves western-style food and snacks.


What is the Best Time to Visit Khajuraho?


The best time to visit Khajuraho is between September to March when the weather is somewhat mild and not too wet.


Khajuraho Dance Festival featuring several classical dance performances falls during February-March.


Hope the above information will help the travelling worth enjoying .



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