Indian Visa laws revamped to elevate tourism – Indian Visa Photos

Indian Visa laws revamped to elevate tourism – Indian Visa Photos

Tourism industry plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. Indian exchequer booms with a growth in number of foreign tourist visiting. Tourism adds 7% to the GDP.  The government has introduced more tourists – friendly policies that give thrust to the overall growth.


To make things simple and effective, Indian government has extended the e-tourist visa (name changed from visa on arrival) facility for almost 150 countries. Foreign nationals can now apply for Indian VISA online. Fill the credentials online along with the latest VISA photo.


A centralized tourism repository has been created that foresees and shortlist the 50 best tourist destinations to visit. This body also monitors the overall conditions of these destination sites so that the foreign tourist can have a smooth and memorable stay in the country. The e-tourist visa facility can be availed at the immigration offices of 9 main airports.


The immigration counters also update the tourist about the do’s and don’ts that are to be kept in mind while travelling in the country. They provide a brief about the security precautions that one should adhere to and share all important contact numbers of various departments that are to be alerted in case of an emergency.


The government has introduced various kinds of VISA categories to help the tourist. The various VISA categories are:

  • Business Visa
  • Conference Visa
  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Emergency Visa
  • Entry Visa
  • Journalist Visa
  • Medical Visa
  • Missionaries Visa
  • Permit to re-enter India within 2 months
  • Research Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Tourist Visa on Arrival
  • Transfer of Visa into new Passport
  • Transit Visa

The medical visa helps the foreign tourist to be able to visit the country again on again for follow up treatments which would otherwise have been difficult if he had a tourist visa. The conference visa on the other hand is a 3 month single entry visa facility. To know more about the visa categories visit the immigration desk.


India is a destination most loved by foreign nationals because of its vast geographic diversities, rich culture, a wonderful heritage to explore and high class hospitality industry. The revamped Visa policies help the tourists to enjoy their stay in the country. To get a online Visa photo clicked you can visit the IndiaVisaPhotos.


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