What to expect during Himalayan trekking adventure? – Indian Visa Photos

What to expect during Himalayan trekking adventure? – Indian Visa Photos

In the words of Barry Finley “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. “

I think everybody loves the scenic beauty of vast green filled landscapes, snow covered peaks and crystal clear streams. There is no universally accepted way to define a mountain and when we talk about mountains the first thing which strikes our mind is the Great Himalayas, which are the youngest in the planet. The word has been derived from the Sanskrit language him means  snow and always means house so together it means abode of snow. These ranges are located in southern Asia covering countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, Tibet.


A traveler can expect clothed mountains with a richer and denser flora .The unit of the ranges stretches from 2500 km in length and 150 to 400 km in breadth .The higher you go, the windier it gets. Winds can howl at over 300km/hr at the top of the Himalayas .


The broadest part of the Himalayas lies in Jammu and Kashmir. It is 700 km approximately. Kashmir as its popularly believed is Paradise on Earth because it has the largest share of snows and glaciers.


World’s highest peaks are to be found in this region like Mt.Everest which is in Nepal and rest are in India like Kanchenjunga, K2, Karakoram. These  huge peaks are also meeting point for 3 worlds great religions, Islam in west, Hinduism to South and Buddism to North.


The Greatest Treks of India are :

  • Goecha La trek is an 8 day trek in the eastern India state of Sikkim
  • Gangotri Glacier Trek is a 6+ day pilgrimage trek that takes you to the source of the most sacred river -Ganges.
  • Frozen Zanskar River Trek is a 6 day trek that connects the villages of the Zanskar Valley with the village of Chilling which lies on the road to Leh (Ladakh, India)
  • Markha Valley trek is another  6 to 8 day trek in Ladakh, India
  • Kolahoi Glacier Trek is a 3 day trek in Kashmir

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Here are the quick tips for first time travellers to Himalayas


A lot of medicinal herbs can be found at the foot hills of Himalayas, they are considered the purest of all. Now a days there are new ways to experience the Himalayas like luxury lodges, cultural heritage, trekking which focus on both the culture and scenic beauty, though walking is not too difficult apart from the altitudes. With construction of new roads and airports the accessibility to the remote areas is made easier but entering from Burma border has some hassles like Visa difficulties etc.


If you plan to visit the clear skies then month of April to October are the best. Although it is colder but you can find the trekking road busier. Alternatively you can trek out of season i.e. December to March when numbers are down and trails are quieter but one should be prepared for lower temperatures.


Keeping in mind about the place it is advisable to follow some travelling recommendation. A medical kit including bandages, thermometer ,water purification dropper, nose spray some antibiotics while for clothing a warm pullover, long johns, hand gloves and sturdy footwear are essential. An energy packed food like bars, nuts can be taken after short intervals.


Hope the above information will help the travelling worth enjoying .




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