Health Regulations implemented for visiting India- Indian Visa Photos

Health Regulations implemented for visiting India- Indian Visa Photos

Being the seventh largest country of the world INDIA has a significant variation in temperature from region to region. The diverse geographical extent makes the foreign tourist more vulnerable towards health ailments. Indian VISA laws do not specify any health regulations but it is recommended that the tourist personally gets vaccinated as a precautionary measure.


While applying for an Indian VISA it is recommended that you also submit an International Certificate of Vaccination at the Indian embassy along with the other documents. Do not forget to get a Health insurance done before visiting India. Vaccination proof for yellow fever  is required in case you have visited a country infected with the disease. For applying an Indian Visa online the following documents would be required in such a case. The required documents are:

  • A valid passport for a period of at least 180 days and availability of two blank pages
  • Recent passport size photographs ( 2 in number)
  • Duly filled online application form and the visa fee
  • International Certificate of Vaccination


The tourist needs to be extra careful for their health while visiting India. WHO strongly recommends that people visiting India should get vaccinated against diseases like:


If you are planning to visit the country for a longer period then get some additional vaccinations also like:


Vaccine administration should be done approximately 15 days prior to your visit as the medicines need time to start reacting within the body.


The tourists are advised to carry their personal medical kits and a real good mosquito spray. Mosquitoes are the main carriers of many of the life threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. Another carrier for diseases to spread is water. The tourists should never drink tap water as it may contain infection and germs instead opt for Mineral water. If road side food or infected water is consumed that there are all chances that you get infected from diarrhea.  If infected immediately see a doctor and drink a lot of electrolyte. WHO recommended Electrolyte can be easily be purchased from any pharmacy across the country.


In case you require some emergency medical assistance then immediately call for an ambulance at toll free number 102. Also contact the insurance company to take care of the expenses in case of hospitalization.  Before leaving for India you need to go through the Foreign Travel Advice of the country you wish to travel.


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