Hampi, Karnataka – A Vivid Testimony to the mighty Vijayanagara empire – Indian Visa Photos

Hampi, Karnataka – A Vivid Testimony to the mighty Vijayanagara empire – Indian Visa Photos

Hampi is at present an almost a derelict village in the northern part of India’s south-western state of Karnataka. Covering an area of about 25 square km, Hampi was a large and a prosperous city during its heyday. It was the capital of the powerful South Indian Vijayanagara Empire which reigned from 14th to 16th century AD.


Hampi is reputed to be the vast and open museum of ancient India’s culture, religion and architecture. Most of these ancient monuments are now in ruins. Conservationists are now making efforts to restore the place to its medieval glory. UNESCO has included it in its list of world heritage sites.


It is a naturally fortified place surrounded by hills. The magnificent Tungabhadra River runs through it providing water supply to mango and banana plantations on either side. The vast expanse of the area is filled with huge boulders which give the place a kind of bizarre beauty.

The local inhabitants, numbering only a few hundred, thrive mostly on tourism industry, which constitutes about half a million visitors a year from all over the world.


How to Reach


Located at a distance of 340 km north west of Bangalore and 380 km south west of Hyderabad, Hampi can be an ideal weekend getaway for big city dwellers. The nearest town and rail link is at Hospet, 12 km from Hampi, which connects the place to all major Indian cities. The nearest airport lies at Bellary, about 60 km from Hampi.


Main Attractions


Besides the ancient ruins against the breath-taking backdrop of giant boulders, Hampi has several other tourist attractions. These include a grand mosque for Sunni Muslims, the ruins of a large stepped tank, Lotus Mahal and an ancient Watch Tower.


Hampi is dotted with several old temples, of which Virupaksha Temple is the only active place of worship at present. Some of the other religious sites worth visiting in the area comprise Hazara Rama, Vittala and Krishna temples; and the notable Badavai Linga.


The Things that an European Traveller can Try and Experience in Hampi


  • Europeans and other foreigners who have a keen interest in India’s culture and history should make it a point to visit Hampi during the first week of November, when the popular cultural festival ‘Hampi Utsav’ is held. Various classical music and dance performances are conducted during this period.


  • The nearby Daroji Bear Sanctuary is another great attraction for wild life lovers. It is the home to rare Indian Sloth Bear, Wild Boars, Hyenas, Leopards, Porcupines; and a variety of birds and butterflies.


  • One unforgettable experience for Hampi visitors is to ride bowl shaped boats, known as coracles, in the placidly flowing waters of Tungabhadra River. These boats lead to famous Anagudi, which is believed to be the birthplace of India’s venerable simian deity Hanuman.



The Food and Accommodation at Hampi


It is easy to get reasonably priced food and accommodation around Hampi. Food available is mostly of local and south Indian flavor. But, keeping in view of a large number of European visitors, all types of continental food items are easily available.


The Best Time of the Year to Visit Hampi


Tourists visit Hampi throughout the year. However, it is best to avoid summer months (March till early June) and monsoon season (late June till August). Summers are hot and dry; and rainy season does not suit outdoor sight-seeing.


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