Feel the Essence of India through the Festivals and Rich Culture

Feel the Essence of India through the Festivals and Rich Culture

Plan a vacation in India around festivals!


India being the world’s biggest democracy is home to varied belief. People practice Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, etc. under the same tri-color. All these diverse religions have a lot of festivals that are celebrated. These festivals are celebrated with full fervour and enthusiasm by people across the country from different walks of life and all kinds of religious beliefs. Be it Diwali, Eid, Holi, Buddha Purnima, Easter, Christmas, etc. all have become a part of every household. People come together on these occasions and display a varied contrast of religion and unity.


Foreign nationals who are planning to visit India should plan a vacation that coincides with at least one of the festivities. All the festivals have some kind of belief or story behind them. Like Diwali is called the festival of lights and is believed that on this very day Lord Ram along with his wife and brother came back from their 14 years of exile. To mark that auspicious occasion people decorate their houses with lights and flower. It is a spectacle to witness. Ever house is illuminated. Holi on the other hand is considered a festival of color and love. Brij ki Holi is a world famous and a lifetime experience; it is celebrated for 16 long days. Eid is celebrated to mark an end to a month long fasting of Ramadan.


Indian culture is rich with all these festivities that are celebrated almost throughout the year. As one or the other culture may be celebrating some festival. People here are god fearing and thus respect all casts and religions. The markets are also draped in the essence of the upcoming festival with the goods, eaters, etc. all displaying the festival essentials.


Some of the festivals that showcase the rich culture and true colors are:

People are mostly draped in their cultural outfits. The décor of the homes and markets is in compliance with the festival. The traditional and rich heritage can be easily being viewed at the time of festivities. The places and markets are lively and full of people. So hurry up and get your Indian VISA photo clicked and apply for an Indian VISA.

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