Here are the answers for most of the frequently asked questions related to Indian Visa Photo or passport photos here. We hope this helps!

Do you have a guide for taking a good photo for the PAN CARD ID?

Yes, we have a detailed Photo help Page for guiding you on taking a good photo for PAN CARD ID.

What is the recommended PAN Card Application Photo Size?

You are required to paste a recent colour photograph with white background. The photograph must be 3.5 cm X 2.5 cm.

Do you have a guide for taking a good photo for the visa or passport?

Yes, we have a Video Guide and detailed Photo help Page for guiding you on taking a good photo .

In which other ways can I pay you?

You can pay us via Barclays Payment method that accepts all the major credit cards.

Can I provide feedback about your services on this website?

Yes, you can write your feedback on our Reviews Page or alternatively you can also mail it to contact@indiavisaphotos.co.uk., or use our contact form.

Taking photos for babies and toddlers is difficult, can you help?

Yes, certainly we can help you. We are quite flexible in our approach, you can visit our studio in Bradford or refer to our Video guide on Home Page if you are taking pictures at home.

Are picture taken from mobile phone or tablet good enough?

Yes, most of the time pictures taken from from you handheld device is fine. However we advise you to check the photos before sending. they should not be too grainy or blurred.

What other services do you offer?

You can also order photos for driving license, bus pass, student card and disability cards. Email us at contact@indiavisaphotos.co.uk, we will guide you on next steps. We also sell a range of photo / picture frames at www.anysizepictureframe.co.uk .

What should be the resolution of my camera?

We recommend you to use your smart phones, tablets or cameras with resolution of 3MP (megapixels) or higher.

Do you supply photos for Visa and Passports for UK or other European countries?

Yes! You can write to us at contact@indiavisaphotos.co.uk. with your exact requirements or alternatively place order using our Order Form.

Do you print photos, if I have images in my USB drive or is attached to my email?

Yes! You can visit our studio in Bradford,Yorkshire, we will print them for quick collection.

How can you assure about the quality of print you supply?

You will only be delighted to see the quality of print. We only supply high quality photo prints, using the best ink and photo paper. You can surely retain them as long as you want.

What if I need photos for many individuals together?

You can order photos for upto 10 individuals on website. If you are ordering for more than 10 photos then do contact us and we will assist you with your requirements.

What if I need express delivery and its urgent?

We usually dispatch your photos on the same day, if your orders are placed before 2pm. You can also choose to collect it from our studio at Bradford. In case you still have questions, call us at 01274724411  or write to us on contact@indiavisaphotos.co.uk.

How much do you charge for the delivery of photos?

There is no separate charge for deliveries. Our price is inclusive of delivery cost.

How much do you charge for printing the Visa/passport photos?

Set of Photos 6 India Visa/Passport Photos 8 UK Visa/Passport Photos Both India & UK Visa/Passport Photos
1 SET £4.99 £4.99 £7.99
2 SET £4.75 £4.75 £6.75
3 SET £4.65 £4.65 £6.60
4 SET £4.50 £4.50 £6.50
5 SET £4.40 £4.40 £6.40
6 SET £4.30 £4.30 £6.30
7 SET £4.20 £4.20 £6.20
8 SET £4.10 £4.10 £6.10
9 SET £4.00 £4.00 £6.00
10 SET £3.90 £3.90 £5.85

How long does it take to receive photos that are ordered online?

We will print and dispatch the photos to you by Royal Mail first class post on the same day if the orders are placed before 2 pm or on the next day after we receive suitable photos.

Is there any guarantee that the photos will be accepted for the Indian visa?

Yes! We are confident of the acceptance as we have been supplying photos for Indian visa and passports since 1995 and we only print photos as per the compliance of guidelines laid by High Commission India.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Feel free to write to us at contact@indiavisaphotos.co.uk. with you questions, we will answer them promptly.