Correct Photographs Required for Applying for Indian Visas

Correct Photographs Required for Applying for Indian Visas


Indian High Commission periodically issues certain guidelines for the right type of photographs required while applying for Indian visas. If the photographs submitted by you fall short of these guidelines, there is every chance that your visa application might get rejected. Fortunately, you can breathe easy of complying with these cumbersome requirements by assigning the task of obtaining the correct photographs to an experienced and highly professional online agency ‘’.

The website ‘’, which has an office and a studio opposite the Indian Visa and Consular Application Centre in London, provides the required assistance in getting the right photographs for visa purpose. This agency has 20 years’ experience in providing the professional services in clicking and printing the visa and passport photographs in compliance with the regulations of the Indian High Commission in the United Kingdom.

The visa photos of size 2”x2” (50mm x 50mm) need to be clicked with a white background. Assigning this task to the agency saves you the anxiety of getting your visa application rejected because of the photographs not complying with the latest regulations.

The agency provides two types of service within the United Kingdom, one is online service and the other one is real-time ‘while-you-wait’ service. For online service you have to click a good photo of yourself on your digital camera or on your smartphone (preferably on iPhone or on an Android phone) and upload it to the agency’s website along with the requisite fee. The agency instantly confirms the receipt of the photo through email.

Refer to the website’s ‘Photo Help’ feature for guidelines on clicking the photo.

The photographs received before 6pm, the agency prints them as per the requirement and mails the standard six prints so as to be received by the sender by the following working day.

In the ‘while-you-wait’ service, the photographs are clicked in the agency’s studio and the six standard prints of the photo you choose are handed over to you then and there.

The six prints of Indian visa photos cost about £5.0, inclusive of shipping charges.

Besides providing professional service based on long experience, the online agency ‘’ also provide friendly and personalized service when you approach them at their studio/office opposite the Indian Consulate’s visa centre. Overall, obtaining the correct type of photographs through this online agency is quick, convenient, cost-effective and is hassles-free.



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