Whether or not apply for an Indian Visa!

Whether or not apply for an Indian Visa!

Are you applying for Indian Visa Passport?


India is a country that has inspired many travellers. Its diverse cultures, varied faiths and a rich heritage has made it a must visit place. Travelling to a foreign country means that you need a passport and require applying for a visa thereafter. Passport is your legal identification proof and is the very basic requirement to enable you to travel abroad, a valid passport is a must have. Apply immediately for a valid passport. Indian government clearly specifies the list of documents and conditions that need to be fulfilled before applying for a passport.


India in a recent notification has marked around 43 countries whose citizens can apply for a VISA on arrival. This facility is only available to foreign citizens who wish to visit India as a tourist, or have come to visit friends, or visiting India for getting medical treatment, etc. Any other category of visit requires a valid VISA.


Visa application is an online process, one need to upload the required documents, photograph and the online application form at the Indian Embassy. The required documents are:

  • A valid passport for a period of at least 180 days and availability of two blank pages
  • Recent passport size photographs ( 2 in number)
  • Duly filled online application form and the visa fee


It is compulsory that uploaded photograph passes all the specifications as mentioned under the VISA laws. If any photo does not match the specifications are rejected and the applicant again needs to file for a fresh Visa application. Indian government specifies the dimensions and requirements for a correct VISA photograph, these points are:

  • A color photograph of size 2 inch x 2 inch ( 50 mm x 50 mm) is to be submitted
  • The photo should clearly display the entire front face from top of the hairs to bottom of the chin and the eyes are required to be open. The photo should be centre aligned in the frame.
  • The final print should not be altered for tone quality, contrast editing, etc. The clear and a natural photo is required.
  • A light background print without borders is required. The softcopy can be of size 10 KB to 1 MB (jpeg format)
  • Eyeglasses, head gears, etc should be removed before clicking the photograph.
  • The kid’s photographs have some relaxations, like a 1 year old kid is not required to have their eyes open. For more information you can click.



The most critical requirement for visa application is a photograph. It is far more important to hire an agency that is aware of the visa photo regulations of various countries. The photos clicked should be acceptable to the Embassy. The photographs need to pass the strict international biometric standards but could be charming and glamorous. India Visa photos prints photos that pass the visa standards within 10 minutes. The Visa photo can even be ordered online using the ordering form. Just upload your latest photo and get a Visa complied photo delivered in your mail.

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