An odyssey to India – General Advise

An odyssey to India – General Advise

India is land of tolerance and acceptance as quoted in the words of Swami Vivekananda “I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world tolerance & universal acceptance. We believe not only in universal toleration but we accept all religions as true.” The country welcomes all foreign tourists with folded arms. There is a charm and charisma about this country that pulls people from varied beliefs and cultures towards it. As it is said better be prepared then regret later; is the key to enjoy this landform to its fullest.


While travelling to India every tourist foreign or national needs to keep in mind a few basic things like beware of touts, thieves, don’t go alone to deserted places at odd hours, etc. Every country has its share of good and bad people; India is no different. Foreigners need to be extra careful while going around exploring this versatile nation.


A few travel tips to be kept in mind while discovering India are:


• Check properly that you are carrying a valid VISA and permits before travelling to any place in India. Some of the regions require extra permits.


• If you wish to travel to multiple permits then apply for multiple-entry VISA this will help you to visit neighboring countries also.


• Carry photocopies of all your travel documents just to make sure that if the originals get lost then you have a backup.


• Book hotels well in advance and always book a taxi from an authorized taxi booth. They are much more safe and authorized. Also carry important emergency contact numbers like embassy, hotel, tour operator, police, etc.


• While making payments it is advised to use cards or do it in local currency.


• Always carry local maps of the place you are visiting; these days GPS is the best source and works pretty well across India.


• Do not trust anyone when dealing with valuable or money. A lot of touts keep tracking foreigner movement.


• You need not carry a lot of cash as almost every city has many ATM machines.


• Don’t drink or eat food from unhygienic vendors. Always drink bottled water.


Food poisoning is a common ailment among foreign tourists. Indians are helpful and loving people. Most of them are familiar with English language so it is not that difficult to converse. The essence of the world’s largest democracy can be enjoyed thoroughly by being vigilant and prepared.


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